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Urban Roots Initiative

Farmers Market

Indoor Grow Tent for Greenhouse Prep


Outdoor Greenhouse
(Facing Woodbridge St.)

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To work with educational institutions, the City of Jackson, local farmers and businesses across the area on projects designed to improve access to local healthy foods in areas where access to fresh, healthy food is limited or unavailable through urban and/or innovative agricultural practices, including, but not limited to, community gardens, urban farms, rooftop farms, indoor farms, greenhouses, hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic farm facilities.


The ultimate goal is to bring the opportunities of Agribusiness to the forefront as alternative  educational and career options to youth and Veterans. The Urban Roots Initiative brings the Mission and Vision for WHO together. We have amazing partners and collaborators who have dedicated time, funding, encouragement and direction on progressive growing methods, accessibility and the promotion of sustainability.


The mission is to collaborate with multiple farmers to support outside more conventional farming communities by offering options to fresh clones while raising awareness to the looming needs of clean energy, more efficient energy systems and more effective irrigation. Also offering agricultural and holistic aspects of natural resources, cultivation, and agribusiness.


By cooperating with The City of Jackson, Vista Grande Villa, K.A.R.M.A. Farming Cooperative, and Ecstatic Life Farms to explore the area of aquaculture, hydroponics, aeroponics and support the natural growth (outside soil) of produce happening currently.


M. West Youth Initiative Participants getting ready to plant Tomatoes!


The WHO OWL watching over the Greenhouse!

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