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Veteran Family Outreach 

Providing support to Reentering Veterans who are transitioning from enlistment/deployment to viable and contributing citizens in their communities

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Our very own Dr. Kimberly Mitchell was the Guest Speaker at the Greater Jackson, MI Groundbreaking for the 1st Veteran Home Build in Jackson County!!

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We assist Veterans and their families with:
- Career Guidance/Adult Literacy
- Mentorship
- Job Hunting Support
- Positive Networking & Social Skills
- Mental Health & Emotional Support (in partnership with Harmony Healing Center and local Human Services Agencies).

Connecting Veterans and their families to social events, resources and others in the community that may be experiencing the same challenges.

WHO believes that combatting suicide amongst Veterans and their family members is to create meaningful connections, purposeful dialogue and having a community that is welcoming and understanding.

Veterans of all races, backgrounds, orientation and socio-economical levels are welcome at WHO. 

These are the tenants of creating a sustainable, and growing community here in Jackson and Albion, MI. 

Offering a community and outreach for Veterans and their families:

- Outreach Events

- Connection to Resources

- Agricultural Career & Education Opportunities

- Financial Literacy Referrals 

- Group Sessions (Variety of Discussion Topics)

Army Boots

Recent Events

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