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Veteran Initiative

Providing support to Reentering Veterans who are transitioning from enlistment/deployment to viable and contributing citizens in their communities


We provide returning veterans with:
- Career Guidance/Adult Literacy
- Mentorship
- Job Hunting Support
- Positive Networking & Social Skills
- Mental Health & Emotional Support


Making these types of connections not only benefit the Reentering Veteran, but bring that skill set and dedication from the perspective Reentering Veteran to a variety of employers.

Providing this Initiative to Reentering Veterans ensures that they have the support and path to make strides in finding their way to an opportunity, a new career, a new job, or owning their own business and being successful at it moving forward.

The initiative and support is available for as long as the Veteran needs it.

This initiative also helps to incorporate the exposure to both career and educational opportunities as well as entrepreneurial opportunities.

The initiative ensures that there are goals to be set throughout the program, including transitioning from a mentee to a mentor for a new Reentering Veteran.

We also partner with local businesses, entrepreneurs, colleges, trade schools and those in industry to speak and work with each Reentering Veteran attending the program.

The Initiative is offered each month for the Reentering Veterans entering the V.I Program including:

- Computer Training

- DHS Services

- Housing Placement Assistance (If needed).

- Training, Resume Assistance, FAFSA Application Assistance,  Reentering Veteran Benefits Information, Agricultural Career Professionals

- Financial Literacy

- Speakers & Community Leaders

- Group Sessions (Variety of Discussion Topics)

- Veteran Outings with Mentors

Mentor/Mentee Application

STEP Program

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