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Committed to working with Veterans, their families and youth.

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Our Story....................The Welcome Home Organization has been around since 2012, when we were stomping the grounds in Detroit, Michigan working to establish resources for Veterans and their children struggling with mental health challenges. We reestablished The Welcome Home Organization in 2019 and have provided much needed programming to Albion, and Jackson Michigan (Jackson & Calhoun Counties).

We are a non-profit built on diversity and inclusion. Our Director, Andrea West is an African American Woman, and Disabled Navy Veteran with over 28 years of Department of Defense Military and Civilian Service. We pride ourselves on being transparent, diverse, inclusive, and willing to work with organizations that hold the same values.

The M. West Youth Initiative, named after our Founder, Andrea West’s daughter, who struggled with mental health struggles at an incredibly early age. We lost Micheala at the tender age of twenty in a tragic accident, which left us trying to figure out how we can affect other youth dealing with some of the same struggles and challenges. What started as a bowling program has expanded into a year-round program. The program now in collaboration with both for profit and nonprofit organizations to provide scholarships to youth participating in the Gramma O' Bowling Academy.

WHO also holds the Garth Stewart Golf Academy, which focuses on etiquette, putting, range work, and ethics in the game of golf and how they compare to life. WHO provides tutoring and mentoring for youth as well as opportunities for youth to explore entrepreneurship and agribusiness careers.

Since the inception of the M. West Youth Initiative WHO has been able to impact various families from diverse educational, economical, socio-economic, race and religious backgrounds. WHO has also been able to reach over 2000 families, youth, and Veterans since 2019.

The M. West Youth Initiative is dedicated to working with youth to help them navigate and obtain "tools" to be better in a purposeful, positive, and meaningful way. Meeting young people where they are and helping them improve their outlook is key to being successful, good and contributing members to their communities.



We are working to provide Calhoun and Jackson Counties with:

  • Post-transitional housing

  • Caregiver support

  • Life skills training to Veterans and Youth 

  • Temporary Housing for Veterans/Families in Need

  • Clothing/Food Assistance/Shoes/Home goods

  • Resources for physical and mental health

  • Fundraising Events for community awareness

  • Youth Initiatives and Youth Camps

  • Several different formatted education and work programs

  • Harm Reduction

  • Transportation Services

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"With this organization, you have someone that has gone through your journey."
- Patrick Matteson, Former Mentee, Successful Citizen


Feel free to contact us with any questions!


Phone: (517) 494-9348

Office Location:

The Welcome Home Organization

1203 First Street

Jackson, MI 49203

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