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The Welcome Home Organization is headed by a disabled Navy Veteran.  We are a local, grassroots organization centrally located in the Jackson and Calhoun County, dedicated to working with Veterans and Youth who meet the following criteria:

  • Veterans, youth and anyone in need

  • Male/Female

  • Centrally located in the Jackson and Calhoun County area


Our program will provide housing, caregiver support, resources, and life skills training to Veterans and Youth in addition to the following:

  • Temporary Housing for those in need

  • Resources for physical and mental health

  • Fundraising Events for community awareness

  • Youth Initiatives and Youth Camps

  • Several different formatted education and work programs

  • Fill in gaps in service at all levels in the community


Enrich the lives of Veterans, youth, and anyone currently facing challenging situations with homelessness, addiction, and employment.  We will offer support, life maintenance opportunities, and assistance. Our organization is meant for the advancement of Veterans, youth, and anyone in need.


Provide resources and opportunities for Veterans, youth and anyone in need of enhancing, improving, and becoming productive members of society.  The Welcome Home Organization will offer viable resources that include but not limited to;

  • Temporary and transitional housing

  • Fundraising Events for addiction, education, and work programs

  • Several different specifically formatted education and work programs based on individual need.

Thank you for your time!

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