Success to Every Parole (STEP) is a felon advocacy program that seeks to fill in the gaps of the post-incarceration process. Helping returning citizens ensure a smooth transition fits perfectly into The Welcome Home Organization’s mission. Much like veterans, this population needs someone to welcome them home and give them a boost when returning to society post-incarceration.

STEP is centered around men and women who have been recently released from prison or other long term incarceration with a felony label. STEP currently provides a mentorship program and resource support. WHO may also be able to help with emergency needs on a case-to-case basis.


Our goal is to add transitional/post-transitional housing to the program by the end of 2021. STEP also is committed to advocacy. A felony label comes with a stigma that can have lasting effects on socioeconomic and psychosocial wellbeing.


WHO would like to take a person centered, as opposed to criminal justice, approach to this initiative. It is our job as advocates to bring awareness of these challenges to community leaders. WHO believes this the most effective way we can produce systemic changes in housing, employment and criminal justice.