Success to Every Parole

The Welcome Home Organization in collaboration with Ms. Hannah Burgess B.S.W. and the S.T.E.P. © Program to administer services and support to Re-Entering Citizens

Career Guidance  |  Mentorship |  Job Hunting  |  Positive Networking & Social Skills  |  Mental Health & Emotional Support

Providing returning citizens with the next STEP into their new lives as a contributing citizen of the Jackson/Albion communities

See what the S.T.E.P Program is all about!

Our goal

Making connections between reentering citizens and support systems within the community. 


Benefits of the S.T.E.P Program

- We work directly with the Michigan Department of Corrections to bring in new mentees.


- The Initiative lasts through parole and into their transition to becoming a viable and contributing citizen to their communities. 


- This helps to incorporate the exposure to both career and educational opportunities as well as Entrepreneurial opportunities.


- We partner with local businesses, entrepreneurs, colleges, trade schools and those in industry to speak and work with each returning citizen engaged in the program.

Benefits of being a mentee In the STEP program:

- Peer mentorship and expanded support systems

- Help applying for DHS, lifeline phones, Obtaining ID and other necessities

Clothing, bedding, and other personal needs

- Educational assistance such as helping with GED placement, computer literacy or FAFSA forms

- Help with employment skills, such as building a resume, interview skills and financial literacy

- Help with housing resources 


The Mind Behind The Program

BSW Hannah Burgess has a passion for helping people get a second chance in life. Hannah is a Jackson native and Lumen Christi graduate.


Ms. Burgess’ professional background is in education. She worked as a paraprofessional for Michigan Center School district for six years and then as a substitute teacher for two years before the pandemic.


Hannah graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Spring Arbor University in November of 2020 and is currently enrolled in Spring Arbor’s master’s program.


Ms. Burgess did her 400-hour internship with Catholic Social Services Offender Success Program working with the post-incarceration transitional housing specialists. This internship sparked a passion for helping citizens returning from prison. That spark continues to be her driving force to this day.

In partnership with WHO, Ms. Burgess wrote and is currently implementing a mentorship program for returning citizens called Success to Every Parole or STEP.


The STEP mentorship program has been well received and currently holds a M.O.U. to work with Michigan Department of Corrections for referrals of those who may benefit from mentorship.


The program continues to be well received by both mentors and mentees. Hannah hopes to expand STEP into a more encompassing reentry program that includes transitional housing, mental health, and family reunification programs.

Hannah is candid in her efforts to confront biases and injustices thrust upon the returning citizen population. She will continue to be forthright in her efforts to make sure these men and women get the same rights and opportunities as any other citizen.



Want to become a mentor or mentee?

Contact Program Director, BSW, Hannah Burgess

Blake Building, Suite 706 

180 W Michigan Ave.
Jackson, MI 49201

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STEP Program

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