Success to Every Parole

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Providing returning citizens with the next STEP into their new lives as a contributing citizen of the Jackson/Albion communities

See what the S.T.E.P Program is all about!

Our goal

Making connections between reentering citizens and support systems within the community. 


Benefits of the S.T.E.P Program

- We work directly with the Michigan Department of Corrections to bring in new mentees.


- The Initiative lasts through parole and into their transition to becoming a viable and contributing citizen to their communities. 


- This helps to incorporate the exposure to both career and educational opportunities as well as Entrepreneurial opportunities.


- We partner with local businesses, entrepreneurs, colleges, trade schools and those in industry to speak and work with each returning citizen engaged in the program.

Benefits of being a mentee In the STEP program:

- Peer mentorship and expanded support systems

- Help applying for DHS, lifeline phones, Obtaining ID and other necessities

Clothing, bedding, and other personal needs

- Educational assistance such as helping with GED placement, computer literacy or FAFSA forms

- Help with employment skills, such as building a resume, interview skills and financial literacy

- Help with housing resources 


Want to become a mentor or mentee?

Contact Program Director, BSW, Hannah Burgess

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STEP Program

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